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Dear Dog-Owning Neighbor,

Your dog barks a lot when you are not home; His high-pitched, sad yelps prove he’s alone

Trapped in your place, he can’t even roam; Your dog barks a lot when you are not home

I could call the cops, though I doubt they would show; I might get a…

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Last week I witnessed what looked like excessive police force against a person of color; in this case, a Black youth: teen or pre-teen. I did not see his face as it was turned away from the street while he was being frisked.

I was on my way to Whole Foods (where all us Karens shop) to return something useless I bought the day before, from boredom.

The most succinct definition I have found…

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I was in my late fifties. He was almost sixty. We met online. He pursued me while he was away at a wedding on the opposite coast. Clearly, he was already smitten.

I sensed there was something off about him on our first date. But I ignored my intuition. At my age, I could hardly be picky.

FIRST RED FLAG: Almost 60, very good-looking and single.

It’s fair to say he was handsome by old white guy standards. He had all his hair and nice teeth. He was not tall, but…

Thanks for reading and for the kind words. I am a fan of aesthetic and plastic surgery, in moderation, where it really does help a person look and feel better about themselves. I have had some myself. Problems arise when it gets to be an addiction: now let’s change this, lift that, make those bigger. And seen as a solution to all life’s disappointments.

That plus a lack of research on the actual doctor and the results he or she has been able to obtain can lead a person down the road to the "unfavorable result."

Thank you for writing so fully. My dad died at 95 (I was already 65) but I wind his watch every day, as he did (I remember it since early childhood; it was part of him) and tear up just at the thought of him, so I cannot imagine the trauma of losing him when I was young, as you did. As for your meds, there is nothing shameful about taking what you have been prescribed to get through a day. Not all meds are bad meds. My dad was a psychiatrist and he often told me how much some medications helped his patients and changed their lives for the better. Made them able to function again when they had lost all hope and motivation for living.

You have accomplished and overcome so much! Sending you lots of love!

The answer is not only that someone else won of course, but that many thousands of others put their hearts and souls into writing an submitting a piece or several, and in resepct of certain of the winning pieces, were floored by what they percieved as the low quality of the writing. Yes, some like you get "tradionially published" (whoo hoo so have I ) but that does not mean readers cannot dislike the book, wonder why it was ever published and write negative reviews. For the writer It's called "taking your lumps" and for readers (mostly also entrants themselves) it is especially appropriate and catharctic in an amateur comptetition where the prize is remarkably high (likely higher than many writers would get from sales of his or her published books before they hit the remainder tables if such still exist.)

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A while ago, some friends and I were discussing what to do with all the stuff our kids (now in their thirties) left behind. It’s the things they never seem to want, or have room for but don’t want us to throw out or give away either.

In the last three decades, I have moved fifteen times.

With every move…

Screen capture by the Author

I was inspired to research and write this after reading a Medium piece by a writer who complained that another Medium writer had plagiarized her work.

Though “plagiarize” sounds scarier, you could also use the common word “copy” or the more casual “rip-off” to describe what the miscreant has allegedly done.

So what can you do if your work is interesting (or entertaining) enough that anyone might plagiarize it?

Copyright in any written (or artistic) work subsists (a fancier word for exists) from the moment of its creation and, more specifically, as follows:


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Twice-published novelist, IP Attorney, boomer, wife and mom. Writing under a pen name about what amuses, amazes, or freaks me out. Twitter@Mulloverit

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